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The Stargazers emerged in 1981, some time after the earlier band of the same name had folded. Work on the new band by founder members Ricky Lee Brawn and Peter Davenport began in August 1980 and following a series of auditions Anders Janes, John Wallace and Danny Brittain were added to the line-up. After a succession of high profile concerts and gigs during 1981, Muff Winwood secured The Stargazers a major recording contract on the CBS Epic (now Sony) records. A total of four 7" records and one 12" album were released, with Groove Baby Groove (Davenport) reaching a chart high of 56, and a cover of the old Louis Prima song "Hey Marie" just breaking into the top 100. The group became very popular and well known in the UK for their performances of 1950s style rock and roll. Offering a mixture of original songs, artfully arranged standards and cover versions of 1950s hits, particularly those of Bill Haley & His Comets, after whom the group loosely patterned its appearance and performance style. Though it is difficult to pinpoint with any degree of certainty when the "revival" was born, the 1970s scene was dominated by a crowd typically attired in the unique and very English Teddyboy style, who were in general devotees of the aggressive, hard edged electric Rockabilly of Crazy Cavan. With that in mind, it is safe to say that The Stargazers spearheaded the trend towards a more accurate and authentic mid '50s sound and look. Despite their triumphs, a run of bad luck, questionable management decisions and plain old fashioned "artistic differences" led to the end of the original line-up in 1983.

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