PROJECT UNCONDITIONAL: MAURIZIO NARI e RONNIE MILANI created the project in 1998. This project became one of the most successful in Italy and in Europe especially popular in Spain and Holland. At the beginning it was the commercial productions of UNCONDITIONAL enjoying success overseas, building slowly also to underground success with first single ‘LET’S TALK SERIOUS (TALKIN’ ABOUT)’ in1998, following in 1999 with ‘SATISFY’ which was a moderate success, lead to blowing up with ‘BRAS S 4 US’ which was on heavy radio rotation and played in all the clubs all over Italy and overseas. This ‘birth place’ of the idea for this single was in the car where Nari and Ronnie were on there way to play in a club in Bologna. Success followed them from here on up especially with “MAGIC FEET” still in 1999, using an oriental melody used in Danza Del Ventre mixed with a typical house sound, this track was the first of UNCONDITIONAL to reach high up and be the longest standing in the most sought after charts in Italy and overseas and being licensed worldwide. UNCONDITIONAL took a turn with singles ‘COMPUTER LOVE’ in 2000 and ‘FEEL SO RIGHT’, released end of 2000, abandoning the ‘ pure house’ sound they turned to a more commercial and melodical sound. A new single has just been released ‘MAGIC FEET 2006’ which is still in the promotional stage on radio and in the clubs. All the works from NARI & MILANI and UNCONDITIONAL are produced at DUBWORK STUDIO in Cesena where Nari takes care of sample research, grooves and various sound research (which is the foundation of their success), while MILANI who is also a musician and composer, works on the music arrangement and melody development focusing on the impact a track could have on the public at first play.

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