Wael Jassar

Wael Jassar (in Arabic وائل جسّار) is a Lebanese pan-Arab singer born 22 November 1972. Dubbed the 'Miracle Child' when he was a youngster, he appeared on television and sang "Yallee Ta’ebney Seneen Feh Hawak" when he was 8, fascinating the public. As a young star, he started working with famous figures from the music industry including people like Jamil Nahas and Jamil Ayoub, soon after releasing his first album Kelmet Wada’a Beta’zebne. Wael then collaborated with Nicholas Nakhle and the songwriter Mohammed Mady. His single "Ya Tayer" followed soon after, a huge success that made it to the top of the charts throughout the Middle East.

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Wael Jassar pe Zonga

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Quartets In The Love Of God
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Fi Hadret El Mahboub
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Enta Omri
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wael Jassar Live, Pt. 2

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