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Julia Holter - Try To Make Yourself A Work Of Art

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Julia Shammas Holter is a classically-trained keytarist from Echo Park. After infiltrating Human Ear Music headquarters dressed as an intern, she wrote and recorded her own release on the label.

Her music is witty, surreal and optimistic. She plays without sarcasm in the terrains that divide sentimentality, passion, and control. Her songs are written instinctively, and treated with an off-kilter fastidiousness, working orchestral variety from minimal instrumentation.

Julia has an unusual fascination with thought and art of the middle ages. Arcane poetry and mystical saints adorn her music, as well as her faux-naif take on medieval figurative art.

Julia has performed with Super Creep band, Ariel Pink and Human Ear Music at the American Apparel Mystery House. She also composes and performs for an ensemble of Indian hand-pumped harmoniums.